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A brilliant result today for Abbie, a very well deserved FIRST time pass to be proud of. Been an absolute pleasure helping you through and get out and enjoy your very own Fiesta!!!

Brilliant pass from Liam. Been fun getting you there, but you´ve done it now!


A fantastic result for Claire today, passed her driving test FIRST time with just 3 faults. Even the examiner said it was one of the best drives he´s seen all week, being a Thursday afternoon that´s a great compliment! Nice one Claire!

Very well done to Daryl for passing his driving test this morning with only a few faults. Well deserved Daryl, I´m sure you´ll be a great driver and enjoy freedom in your Fiesta!

A good day for Dave! Woke up this morning expecting a normal driving lesson, checked for test cancellations and has this afternoon passed his driving test with just 2 faults. Absolutely fantastic. Well done Dave!


Amazing tutor, has time patience & is very understanding when I had to cancel lessons very last minute! Completely made me feel at ease throughout my driving lessons. The proof is in the pudding, I passed first time!! Will recommend to any other driving...

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Huge congratulations to Tom who passed his driving test today after putting in the best drive he´s ever done! Very impressive. Hope you can get out on the roads soon!

A very proud looking Josh passed his driving test today first time(!). Another one joins the very distinguished club! Whose next...?!

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