Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will it take to pass?

Everyone learns at their own rate but usually, to make the standard for the test, at least 40hrs of professional training is necessary. Previous experience behind the wheel in your own time is highly recommended when/if possible, but even prior experience as a cyclist or motorcyclist can greatly help.

Should I take 1hr lessons or 2hr lessons?

As previously mentioned, lesson duration is down to you. Here is a list of benefits of both durations:

1hr lessons :
Cost: Having 1hr a week could make lessons more affordable.

Availability: If you can only make 1hr at a time due to other commitments.

Personal preference: Some may find a 2hr lesson too long to concentrate.

2hr lessons :
Location: Depending on where you start, it could take time to drive to a suitable training area for the lesson subject, so you get a lot more quality driving practice before needing to return.

Progress: Because you have more quality practice time, you can feel a greater sense of achievement by the end of the lesson.

Time: If you need to pass as soon as you can, you would progress quicker than having separate hour lessons.
Mock tests do require 2hr sessions due to the time needed to complete a test route and discuss how it went afterwards.

What areas do you cover?

I cover most of the Plymouth area – including postcode areas PL1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. I also accept students from Torpoint, provided lessons can start from the Devonport side of the Torpoint ferry port in order to gain useful practice in Plymouth itself.

Do you take lessons at weekends?

I accept lessons on a Saturday to finish no later than 2pm. I am not available from 2pm on Saturdays or anytime on Sundays. Saturday mornings are popular so I can only accept lessons for those times if availability is right at time of booking.

Pay as you go
1, 1.5 or 2 Hour Lessons

Structured tuition

Flexibility To Suit You

Flexible pick up / drop off

Block-booking Available
Block Bookings from £156
Save ££s on your tuition 6hrs or more

Flexible lesson durations

Flexible lesson days and times

Various options available
10 hours paid in advance
Save ££s on your tuition

Flexible lesson durations

Flexible lesson days and times

Various options available

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A very happy Mark laughed in the face of the ´Friday 13th´ superstition to pass his driving test FIRST time today with only 4 driving faults! A great way to start your driving life! Well d ...

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